Annual Report of the Director-General

on the Implementation of the Work Programme and Budget for 2022-2023


“Many answers lie in the energy transition.”

"Today, governments face multiple challenges of energy security, economic recovery and the affordability of energy bills. Many answers lie in the energy transition.”

la camera
Francesco La Camera Director-General of IRENA

Energy transition at a glance

Progress to date

  • Technology and innovation

    The role of technology and innovation

    IRENA continues to research new innovations and developments in energy technologies, advising member countries and partners on the best available options and solutions.
  • Solutions for regions

    Solutions for regions

    Close collaboration with Members is at the heart of IRENA’s work. The combination of advanced analysis, effective training and local knowledge provides the foundations for realising a sustainable energy system and the opportunities it holds.
  • Investment

    Investment for sustainable future

    IRENA supports the acceleration of renewable energy deployment by helping project developers secure financing and by supporting investors to build stronger project portfolios.
  • Collaboration

    International collaboration and partnerships

    International cooperation and enduring partnerships with all stakeholders are essential to accelerate the transition towards renewable energy.
  • Collaborative-Frameworks

    Collaborative Frameworks

    Collaborative Frameworks are serving as effective vehicles for dialogue, peer-to-peer collaboration and exchange of knowledge among Member countries and other stakeholders.
  • Climate-Action

    Climate Action

    Sharing knowledge and expertise leads to the development of country-specific energy transition plans that reflect the cost-effective potential of renewable energy technologies.

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