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Bioenergy use falls into two main categories: “traditional” and “modern”. Traditional use refers to the combustion of biomass in such forms as wood, animal waste and traditional charcoal. Modern bioenergy technologies include liquid biofuels produced from bagasse and other plants; bio-refineries; biogas produced through anaerobic digestion of residues;...

  • 19 October 2021

Recycle: Bioenergy

Sustainable bioenergy could even out solar and wind variability and replace fossil fuels for industry, transport and buildings.

  • September 2020
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  • Energy Transition, Transport
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  • Saudi Arabia

Bioenergy Simulator

The Bioenergy simulator is a user-friendly web-based application developed to help policy makers, practitioners, and business developers estimate potential bioenergy and plan bioenergy development taking into consideration combinations of area, biomass resource, technology, and end-use. The simulator aims to raise awareness on modern bioenergy production options to help meet...

  • 01 March 2022

Growing Sustainably with Bioenergy

IRENA, FAO and IEA agree bioenergy can help meet sustainable development goals.

Simulating Bioenergy Potential

A new IRENA online simulator, estimates potential yields of bioenergy produced anywhere in the world, and is looking to the public to help validate its data.

Bioenergy for Sustainable Development - Thematic Meeting at Eighth IRENA Assembly

  • 12 January 2018
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  • Benefits
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  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Bioenergy for Power

A range of biomass power generation technologies are now mature and represent competitive power generation options wherever low-cost agricultural or forestry waste is available. In addition, new technologies are emerging that show significant potential for further cost reductions. Secure, long-term supplies of low-cost, sustainably sourced feedstocks are critical to the...

  • 13 August 2020

Site-Specific Assessment of Bioenergy Potential is Now Possible with IRENA's Bioenergy Simulator

The Bioenergy Simulator is a web-based geospatial tool that allows users to understand bioenergy potential and related issues in a specific selected area.

Statistical Issues: Bioenergy and Distributed Renewable Energy

A working paper from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Statistical Issues: Bioenergy and Distributed Renewable Energy, explains methodological issues related to energy accounting for bioenergy and distributed renewable energy sources.

  • June 2013
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  • Statistics
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Bioenergy Doubling Supply

Bioenergy’s Role in Doubling Renewable Energy Supply (Thematic Side Meeting to 7th Session of IR

  • 13 January 2017
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  • Costs, Innovation
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  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates