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Switzerland signed the Statute

Councillor Moritz Leuenberger signed the Statue on 27 May 2009

Gambia, Lithuania and Switzerland ratify IRENA’s treaty

On March 1, 2011, Gambia, Lithuania and Switzerland have deposited the instrument of ratification of IRENA’s treaty. As of that day, 148 countries and the European Union have signed IRENA’s treaty and 60 have ratified it.

IRENA at the 138th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly

From 14 - 18 October 2018, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) will actively engage with Parliamentarians during the 138th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union

  • 14 – 18 October 2018
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  • Geneva, Switzerland

Boosting Energy Access through Parliamentary Action

Belgian Parliamentarian, Andries Gryffroy shares his views on enabling energy access through pro-renewables policy making.

Planning for the renewable future: Long-term modelling and tools to expand variable renewable power in emerging economies

This report highlights the findings from AVRIL (“Addressing Variable Renewable Energy in Long-term Energy Planning”), a project by IRENA that has identified the best practices in long-term planning and modelling to represent high shares of VRE. 

  • January 2017
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A World of Renewables

The Global Atlas for Renewable Energy (Global Atlas) aims to close the gap between countries with access to the datasets, expertise and financial support to evaluate their renewable energy potential, and those lacking such elements. As of January 2015, a total of 67 countries and more than 50 institutes and partners were contributing to the initiative, which is coordinated by...

  • February 2015
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  • Tunisia, Australia

Countries Say Out with Fossil Fuels, in With Renewable Energy As Climate Negotiations Resume

From 8-13 February, government leaders from around the globe gathered in Geneva, Switzerland to kick off a busy year of climate change negotiations. The UN climate change conference is just 10 months away and these sessions aim to smooth the way to a successful climate agreement come December.

Statistical Profiles

These profiles have been produced to provide an overview of developments in renewable energy in different countries and areas. View specific information on renewable energy consumption, electricity capacity and generation, renewable energy policies, renewable resource potential and more. Select a location from the list of profiles below grouped by...

  • 07 October 2021