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Papua New Guinea

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2nd PNG Energy Sub-Technical Working Committee Meeting

Second Energy Sub-Technical Working Committee ESTWC meeting was held on the 30th of September in Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby at The Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA). The following objectives were set: to present energy mitigation targets to the members; for members to agree on the energy mitigation actions in the enhanced NDC

  • 30 September 2020
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  • Islands, Climate Change
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  • Papua New Guines, Port Moresby

Papua New Guinea's 1st Energy Sub-Technical Working Committee Meeting

Papua New Guinea's Climate Change and Development Authority called for the first Energy Sub Technical Working Committee (ESTWC) meeting to be held on the 9th of September.

  • 09 September 2020
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  • Climate Change, Islands
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  • Webinar

India and IRENA Strengthen Ties as Country Plans Major Renewables and Hydrogen Push

India signals intention to broaden renewable technology base including to green hydrogen.

Hydrogen Economy Hints at New Global Power Dynamics

IRENA says green hydrogen could disrupt global trade and bilateral energy relations, reshaping the positioning of states with new hydrogen exporters and users emerging.

African Renewable Electricity Profiles for Energy Modelling Database: Hydropower

IRENA’s new spatiotemporal data atlas, AfREP-Hydro, covers all existing and several hundred committed, planned and potential future hydropower plants across Africa.

  • December 2021
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  • Energy Transition
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IRENA and OLADE Reinforce Commitment to Boost Renewables in Latin America and the Caribbean

OLADE and IRENA have signed a new agreement to work closely in efforts to scale up the deployment of renewable energy in the Latin American and Caribbean region as it pursues ambitious 2030 goals.

IRENA and World Economic Forum Launch Green Hydrogen Toolbox at COP26

New roadmaps on green hydrogen support policy makers to enable net zero commitments.

Facilitating Renewable Energy Project Financing in Africa

The Energy Transition Accelerator Financing (ETAF) Platform is a new initiative hosted by IRENA that aims to mobilise approximately USD 1 billion capital resources to support the energy transition by 2030.

  • 06 December 2021
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  • Finance & Investment, Energy Transition
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To Make the Energy Transformation a Success, Be Unafraid to Fail

During a Ministerial Roundtable at IRENA’s 9th Assembly, government officials gathered to examine new, disruptive innovations emerging that are changing the ways in which energy systems are configured and operate.