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IRENA Welcomes Luigi Di Maio, Deputy Prime Minister of Italy, to Headquarters

IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera emphasises socio-economic benefits of energy transition

Geothermal energy

Ministerial Meeting Gathers in Italy to Scale-Up Geothermal Energy Worldwide

Government and private sector leaders assemble to unlock geothermal’s 200GW of potential 

CRUL and IRENA Sign Partnership to Promote Research on Renewable Energy

The Lazio Region Universities Coordination Committee (CRUL) and IRENA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) establishing a new partnership aimed at developing joint research on how to boost renewable energy as a key element in energy transition.

Permanent Representatives Discuss Accelerated Energy Transition in line with IRENA Outlook

The third Renewables Talk meeting presented an opportunity for IRENA’s Permanent Representatives to share unique examples and experiences from their countries in their journeys towards carbon neutrality.

Countries Raise the Sails on Offshore Renewables Sector

Offshore renewables will witness substantial growth in capacity over the next decade and play an essential role in the global energy transformation. In this context, representatives from 40 countries gathered to identify collaboration areas and agree on concrete actions to accelerate progress and ensure rapid uptake of these promising technologies.

Renewable Energy Prospects for Central and South-Eastern Europe Energy Connectivity (CESEC)

Renewables could meet more than one-third of energy demand across Central and South-Eastern Europe cost effectively by 2030 with key decisions taken now.

  • October 2020
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Solutions to integrate high shares of variable renewable energy

This report examines ways for G20 countries to decarbonise their electricity systems by integrating high shares of solar and wind power.

  • June 2019
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  • Energy Transition
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International Conference “Intellectual Property, Managing Green Technologies and Climate Change Mitigation Technologies”

The international conference provided a high-level platform to exchange ideas, discuss the questions related to intellectual property and green technology and further address cutting-edge questions on the subject.

  • 10 – 11 October 2018
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  • Climate Change
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  • Milan, Italy