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El Salvador

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Launch RRA El Salvador

This virtual event will feature the official launch of the RRA El Salvador. The event will serve as a platform to highlight a number of important topics relevant to renewable energy development in El Salvador amongst government officials, partners and other stakeholders to promote the implementation of the recommendations made in the RRA report. The session will build on the...

  • 16 December 2020
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  • Energy Transition, Policy
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  • Virtual Event

Renewables Readiness Assessment: El Salvador

As El Salvador continues developing, renewables can stimulate local commerce and industry, help reduce electricity tariffs and improve people’s welfare.

  • December 2020
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  • Energy Transition
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  • El Salvador

Kick-off Meeting of Renewables Readiness Assessment El Salvador

The RRA Expert Consultation Workshop gathered stakeholders from across El Salvador’s public sector, private sector, industry, civil society and academia to introduce the RRA process and to discuss challenges and opportunities for the development of renewables in the country.

  • 03 – 04 December 2018
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  • Policy, Power
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  • San Salvador, El Salvador

This is Izalco, a stratovolcano in El Salvador, that through continuous eruptions, formed between 1770 and 1958. This “young” volcano is  a sign of the enormous geothermal energy potential sitting beneath this Central American country.

Geothermal, a Hot Topic in El Salvador

Central American countries seek to bring geothermal to the forefront of future energy development plans.

El Salvador Eyes Major Renewables Push Under New Partnership with IRENA

Country’s National Energy Policy to put the energy transition centre-stage of national economic and social agendas.

IRENA Offers El Salvador a Strategic Action Plan To Drive Energy Transformation

IRENA analysis presents 14 concrete actions that can significantly accelerate the country’s uptake of renewable energy.

Validation Workshop of Renewables Readiness Assessment El Salvador

As part of the Renewables Readiness Assessment (RRA) process, this Validation Workshop jointly be organised by IRENA, El Salvador's Ministry of Economy, and the Hydroelectric Commission, will bring together renewable energy stakeholders to validate the recommendations of the draft RRA report.

  • 29 – 30 October 2019
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  • Energy Transition, Power, Policy
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  • San Salvador, El Salvador

Hydrogen Economy Hints at New Global Power Dynamics

IRENA says green hydrogen could disrupt global trade and bilateral energy relations, reshaping the positioning of states with new hydrogen exporters and users emerging.

IRENA Youth Talk
Energy Transition Heroes

IRENA Youth Talk of the “Energy Transition Heroes” series, organised by IRENA and Enel Foundation, aims at setting the future agenda for youth engagement in the fight against climate change through a renewables-based energy transition.

  • 07 December 2021
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  • Climate Change, Off-grid for Energy Access, Energy Transition
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  • Virtual, Event

Disrupting the Status Quo: Accelerating the Global Energy Transition for a 1.5°C Future

Under the auspices of the Marrakesh Partnership for Global Climate Action and in cooperation with the High-Level Climate Champions, IRENA took the lead in organising the event that aimed at catalysing and showcasing accelerated action to meet the goals of both the Paris Agreement and SDG 7 on sustainable energy.