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Ecuador ratifies IRENA’s treaty

On January 13, 2011, Ecuador has deposited the instrument of ratification of IRENA’s treaty. As of that day, 148 countries and the European Union have signed IRENA’s treaty and 52 have ratified it.

IRENA welcomes Ecuador as 99th Signatory

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Fander Falconí Benítez signed the Statute on 18 June 2009

Event: IRENA & Partners Focus on Sustainable Cities

To help drive the needed energy transition in cities, IRENA and the governments of Ecuador, Germany and the UAE will host a full-day event on the sidelines of the upcoming UN Habitat III meeting in Quito, Ecuador.

Renewable Energy Deployment in Latin America

In the framework of the OLADE Experts Meeting, IRENA and OLADE jointly organised a workshop focused on opportunities for accelerating the energy transformation in Latin America.

  • 01 August 2018
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  • Energy Transition, Policy, Power
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  • Quito, Ecuador

A Renewable Urban Agenda

“Cities are realising that renewables offer an effective means to address climate change and reduce air pollution, while helping solve a host of social, economic and environmental challenges,” says IRENA Director-General, Adnan Z. Amin. “Sharing experiences and strengthening collaboration among stakeholders in the urban energy agenda is key to accelerating...

New Funds Available for Renewable Energy Projects in Developing Countries

IRENA is now welcoming applications for a fourth round of funding to support renewable energy projects in developing countries. The funding round of approximately USD 50 million now available is part of a USD 350 million commitment by the UAE to provide concessional loans to projects endorsed by IRENA over seven funding cycles, through the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD).

Workshop: Innovating Liquid Biofuels for the Transport Sector

  • 13 November 2015
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  • Transport
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  • Quito, Ecuador

Renewable Energy in Latin America 2015: An Overview of Policies

Latin America is one of the regions with the largest shares of renewables in the world, largely thanks to the decades-long contribution of bioenergy and hydropower. In addition, some countries in the region are among the most dynamic markets for solar, wind and geothermal.

  • June 2015
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  • Policy
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  • Argentina, Belize

Global Bioenergy Supply and Demand Projections: A working paper for REmap 2030

Biomass has an auspicious future in the world’s supply of renewable energy. REmap 2030, the global roadmap developed by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), foresees a major role for modern, sustainable biomass technologies in efforts to double the share of renewables in the energy mix.

  • September 2014
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  • Energy Transition
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  • Australia, Brazil

Statistical Profiles

These profiles have been produced to provide an overview of developments in renewable energy in different countries and areas. View specific information on renewable energy consumption, electricity capacity and generation, renewable energy policies, renewable resource potential and more. Select a location from the list of profiles below grouped by...

  • 07 October 2021