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Renewable Energy Prospects: China

As the largest energy consumer in the world, China must play a pivotal role in the global transition to a sustainable energy future in an increasingly carbon-constrained world. The country is already a global leader in renewable energy, with massive potential to harness a diverse range of renewable sources and technologies, both for power generation and for end-use sectors.

  • November 2014
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Facilitating the Transition Toward Smart Electrification with Renewables in China

Joint workshop by the International Renewable Energy Agency and the State Grid Corporation of China.

  • 17 February 2022
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IRENA and China Sign Landmark Co-operation to Address Climate Change

New MoU between IRENA and China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment promotes carbon neutrality through renewables.

Asian solar panels

China to join International Renewable Energy Agency

China has announced it will join the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), a milestone in international efforts to double the share of renewable energy worldwide by 2030.

China's Achievements on Climate Change

China Power System Modeling Workshop: Enabling Transformation

This workshop brought together policy makers and leading energy system modelers from China and abroad to share their experience in using models and scenario analysis to address some of the key questions in the electric power sector.

  • 20 October 2018
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  • Suzhou, China

China's Water Crisis: Renewables Offer Water Stress Solution

According to the United Nations, China is home to 21% of the world’s population but contains only 7% of global freshwater supplies. Faced with an imminent water supply challenge, China introduced province-level water use quotas for 2015, 2020 and 2030, targeting improvements in water use efficiency across sectors, and rightly so.

IRENA Presents Plan for China to Reach Carbon Neutrality through Renewables

China aims for its carbon emissions to peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.

The Greening of China

REmap country launch: China

  • 24 November 2014
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  • Beijing, China