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    • 22 projects shortlisted for UAE energy loans

      Twenty-two projects have been shortlisted for this year's loans given by ADFD in coordination with IRENA for renewable energy projects in developing countries.

      IRENA in the News News Gulf News
    • Bangladesh finds an answer in solar energy

      IRENA released an annual review report in 2014 which shows that Bangladesh is currently installing 70,000 solar panels a month.

      IRENA in the News News Deutsche Welle
    • Nation to top green list by 2030

      China will become the world's largest renewable energy market by 2030 if it can double the ratio of such sources as solar and wind in the total energy mix to 26%, said IRENA

      IRENA in the News News China Daily
    • The Greening of China

      IRENA's annual review reported that China's solar photovoltaic value chain employed 1.6 million in 2013, while its solar thermal sector supports 800,000.

      IRENA in the News News State of the Planet
    • Why China's big plan to cut emissions is good for tech business

      A report, by IRENA, said China could do more to boost renewable energy generation for electricity, transportation, industrial production and other areas so that clean energy can account for 26% of its energy use by 2030.

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    • From Kansas to Copenhagen: Clean Energy Beacons around the World

      Dolf Gielen, a director at IRENA, said cold cities with large heat energy requirements are counterintuitively well placed to shift their heat to renewable sources because they often have large- scale centralised heat plants - rather than boilers in every home.

      IRENA in the News News The Guardian
    • Report: Triple Investment in Clean Energy to $1.2 trillion

      UNITED NATIONS A new report calls for investment in clean energy to be tripled to $1.2 trillion annually through 2030 to give more than one billion people worldwide access to electricity and help prevent global warming. Adnan Amin, Director-General of the International Renewable Energy Agency said Wednesday "it's absolutely feasible" that the goal can be achieved.

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    • Renewables Lead Peers in Sustained Employment Generation

      When it comes to renewable energy, China leads the world in terms of employment with more than 3.4 million jobs out of a global total of 7.7 million, according to a report by the Abu Dhabi-based IRENA. Employment in the sector rose 18 percent over the past year, the organization said. The report, called Renewable Energy and Jobs - Annual Review 2015, also provided the first global estimate of the number of jobs supported by large-scale hydropower facilities.

      IRENA in the News News China Daily
    • Renewables Jobs in EU Drop But Rise Worldwide

      The number of renewable energy jobs worldwide increased last year by more than a million, an 18% rise to 7.7 million, but dropped in the European Union. The EU has said it wants to become the world number one in renewables. Its Energy Union strategy sets out measures by which it hopes to make up the gap on other countries.

      IRENA in the News News EurActiv
    • Renewable Energy Now Employs 7.7 Million People Worldwide

      Renewable energy investment and deployment is paying off, and in spades, when it comes to addressing a basic issue plaguing developed and developing countries alike: an inability to generate jobs that pay a good living wage. Around the world, renewable energy job creation continues to far outpace that for economies overall. Some 7.7 million people are now employed across the global renewable energy value chain, according to IRENA.

      IRENA in the News News Triple Pundit
    • Renewable Energy Industry Supports More than 9 million Jobs in 2014: IRENA Report

      Renewable energy jobs reached 7.7 million in 2014, excluding large hydropower, a new report from IRENA states. In particular, the paper estimates large hydropower supported 1.5 million direct jobs - almost half of them in China, largely in construction and installation - bringing the total renewable jobs in the world to more than 9 million last year.

      IRENA in the News News The Climate Group
    • New Tool For Renewable Energy Developers From IRENA

      The International Renewable Energy Agency has just released an exciting tool for renewable energy entrepreneurs, urban planners, and researchers: Project Navigator. It should greatly increase the number of successful renewable power projects.

      IRENA in the News News Clean Technica
    • The Economics of Renewable Energy: Falling Costs and Rising Employment

      This week, IRENA released its 2015 renewable energy and jobs report finding that 7.7 million people are now employed by the sector worldwide, up 18 per cent from the number reported last year and up 35 percent over the last two years. If you add large hydropower to the mix, you get a conservative estimate of an additional 1.5 million direct jobs worldwide.

      IRENA in the News News Huffington Post
    • Mexico Has High Competitive Potential for Renewable Energies (Spanish)

      Mexico could generate up to 46 percent of its electricity annually from renewable sources by 2030, according to a renewable energy outlook report for Mexico. IRENA Director-General Adnan Amin said that the country is heading toward rapid deployment of this type of energy, which can ensure a safer, healthier future and sustainable.

      IRENA in the News News La Voz de Michoacán
    • IRENA: Renewable Energy Employment on the Rise Globally

      IRENA has just published its 2015 Annual Review on "Renewable Energy and Jobs" and estimates that globally renewable energy jobs (excluding large hydropower) reached approximately 7.7 million in 2014. The world's leading countries for renewable energy employment: China, Brazil, the US, and Germany.

      IRENA in the News News The Energy Collective
    • Here's Where the Jobs in Renewable Energy Are

      This week the IRENA released a report on global employment in renewables. The report estimates both direct and indirect employment, as of 2013-2014. Large hydropower dams are excluded.

      IRENA in the News News Vox
    • Goce Gravity Boost to Geothermal Hunt

      Information about variations in gravity across the planet could help prospectors find promising locations where sub-surface heat can be exploited to generate electricity. IRENA has released the information in a special global atlas.

      IRENA in the News News The Hindu
    • Global Renewable Energy Employment Surges 18 Percent to 7.7 Million

      Ongoing growth in renewable energy investment and deployment is creating jobs worldwide and lots of them. This job growth is helping governments address a fundamental economic problem plaguing developed and developing countries alike.

      IRENA in the News News Renewable Energy World
    • Global Renewable Energy Employment Increases by More than a Million Jobs

      A new report by IRENA has revealed that more 7.7 million people worldwide are employed in the global renewable energy industry. The figure represents an 18 percent increase from last year's figure of 6.5 million. The report, Renewable Energy and Jobs - Annual Review 2015, also provides a first-ever global estimate of the number of jobs supported by large hydropower, with a conservative estimate of an additional 1.5 million direct jobs worldwide.

      IRENA in the News News Energías Renovables
    • Mexico Could Generate 46% of its Electricity from Renewable Energy by 2030 (Spanish)

      Mexico could generate up to 46% of its electricity from renewable sources from 2030 (about 280 terawatt /hour), said Secretary of Energy of Mexico Pedro Joaquin Coldwell this Tuesday, as he presented the report "Prospects for Renewable Energy: Mexico" with the Director-General of IRENA, Adnan Amin.

      IRENA in the News News Sputnik Mundo
    • The Renewable Energy Industry Employs Nearly 8 Million People Worldwide

      Employment in the global renewable energy industry has increased by over one million jobs during the past year, according to a new report released IRENA. 7.7 million people are now employed in renewable energy, an 18 percent increase on last year's 6.5 million.

      IRENA in the News News Forbes
    • Renewable Energy Has a Bright Future

      In the past five years, the price of both wind and solar have plummeted such that in a recent assessment IRENA concluded clean energy projects are matching or outperforming fossil fuels on price in many jurisdictions around the world.

      IRENA in the News News Vancouver Sun
    • 100% Renewable-Powered World 'Technically Feasible and Economically Viable' by 2030

      Many doubt the scientific, technical and economic feasibility of achieving 100 percent renewable energy in a single country or even globally. But this vision has never been more realistic than now, according to the latest IRENA report. The report by IRENA, REthinking Energy, points out that the transition to a sustainable energy future by 2030 is technically feasible and economically viable. - See more at:

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