IRENA Members Pave Way for New Green Hydrogen Toolbox


Just days ahead of COP26, pressure is building for more countries to develop hydrogen strategies and policies that install confidence in industry to invest in green hydrogen projects. As part of IRENA’s autumn Council, over 50 Member countries convened today in a Collaborative Framework on Green Hydrogen co-facilitated by Morocco and the European Commission, to discuss how to turn industry recommendations for policymakers into concrete measures to boost green hydrogen globally. 

Developed by IRENA in cooperation with the World Economic Forum (WEF), the new Enabling Measures Roadmap for Green Hydrogen will serve as a vehicle to further enhance public-private dialogue. Opening the meeting, IRENA’s Director-General Francesco La Camera underlined the urgency to move from commitment to action: “COP26 is only days away and we need to be clear about the magnitude of the challenge and the scale of effort and investment needed to achieve our climate objectives.”

La Camera added: “Today, we present a Roadmap that can assist countries take action through implementing a set of measures to develop green hydrogen on country and regional levels.” The presented draft Roadmap for the European Union is the first one in a planned series of Roadmaps around the world.

The wider aim of the Roadmap is to show the top enabling measures that private industry recommends as being critical to scale up green hydrogen and create international trade. It has been developed as a toolbox for policy makers to identify key actions required to facilitate a hydrogen market in their own country.

Roberto Bocca, WEF’s Head of Shaping the Future of Energy & Materials called Roadmaps a critical effort, “sending a clear signal from the private sector side on their intent to enable ambitious green hydrogen plans. Now they need government support to make Roadmaps a real tool for policy makers and a credible path towards green hydrogen.”

The enabling measures process has been developed side by side with WEF and in cooperation with private industry stakeholder from different parts of the hydrogen industry, including hydrogen production, consumption, transportation, market exchange and finance over months to capture the real-time challenges and solutions to developing a new market for green hydrogen. The final Green Hydrogen Roadmap for Europe and Japan will be officially launched at COP 26 as an important communication tool for all policy makers.