Workshop hears Senegal and Mozambique’s experiences with RRAs and plans ahead for regional roll-out in ECOWAS and SADC


A Renewables Readiness Assessment (RRA) workshop, held on January 16 as part of IRENA’s Second Assembly, attracted more than 30 participants, mainly from Africa, along with some key representatives from renewable energy organisations. The session featured productive discussions and many new ideas for future deliverables. 

The main part of the workshop consisted of presentations delivered by IRENA, IISD and officials from Senegal (ECOWAS) and Mozambique (SADC), the two pilot countries. These explained the RRA methodology used in the countries and the main findings, lessons incorporated and outputs. Mr. Lamine Diop (Senegal) and Mr. Antonio Saide (Mozambique), both Directors of Renewable Energy, discussed their reasons for participating in the RRA, the benefits of the project and the anticipated follow-up by IRENA. This was followed by a Question and Answer session moderated by Mr. Souleymane Diallo (a local consultant in capacity building for Senegal).

The workshop concluded with an extensive discussion of the plans for the regional roll-out of RRAs, and a high level of interest was shown by many country delegates. The roll-out is intended to take place in about four countries in the ECOWAS region and three countries in the SADC region. A lot of work lies ahead for the regional roll-out and this will be designated in coordination with the ECOWAS and SADC member countries.