First Director-General sworn in, Abu Dhabi chosen as permanent seat


The first session of the Assembly was the inaugural meeting of IRENA’s supreme governing body. It marked the official launch of IRENA as an international organization and attracted significant attention. This was evidenced by the high number of over 1000 participants during the two days it was held.   Participation included one head of state, over 50 ministers, 30 ministerial-level officials, 670 country delegates, 130 observers and officials, and 70 accredited media

Under the presidency of Dr. Sultan Al Jaber (United Arab Emirates) the Assembly at its first day appointed Adnan Z. Amin as Director-General for a term of four years. Mr Amin accepted the post “with a great sense of responsibility,” highlighting his trust that IRENA will meet the expectations of the international community.

On the same morning, Germany put forward the designation of Abu Dhabi, UAE, as the permanent seat of IRENA. Members adopted the decision by acclamation.

A High Level Segment was held throughout the afternoon of the first day and the morning of the second day. The sessions were attended by one head of state, over 50 ministers, 30 ministerial-level representatives, and heads of UN agencies and intergovernmental organizations. Participants addressed issues such as: national initiatives for the deployment of renewable energy; development and energy; energy access and energy poverty; climate change; the mandate of IRENA; and governance.