9th Collaborative Framework on Green Hydrogen

The Collaborative Framework serves as an effective vehicle for dialogue, co-operation and coordinated action to accelerate development and deployment of green hydrogen and its derivatives for the global renewable energy transformation. The Collaborative Framework leverages the Agency’s work on green hydrogen, the wealth of knowledge and expertise that exists within IRENA’s Membership, and the benefits that may be reaped through wider global cooperation with other entities.

The scope of work for the Collaborative Framework is divided into nine areas:

  • A global knowledge database for green hydrogen
  • Cooperation with existing hydrogen initiatives and other relevant actors
  • Nexus between electrolysers and renewable power
  • Transportation and distribution of hydrogen
  • Standards and Regulatory frameworks
  • Financial support
  • End-use Sectors
  • Environmental, safety aspects and social acceptance of hydrogen development
  • Applicability and relevance of hydrogen in small markets (e.g. small countries)

The 2023 Collaborative Framework on Green Hydrogen focused on assessing the current state of green hydrogen deployment. In 2024, the focus shifted to exploring green hydrogen derivatives, which played a crucial role in the emerging green hydrogen sector, particularly in future international value chains. According to IRENA’s calculations, green hydrogen may not be traded in large volumes across long distances via ship in the future, but rather as derivatives.

The 9th Collaborative Framework on Green Hydrogen therefore delved deeper into the role that green hydrogen derivatives will play in the global energy transition. The meeting also explored various aspects of derivative trade, such as the certification of hydrogen derivatives and specific regulations addressing them. Although there has been progress in terms of hydrogen certification, it is equally important to consider the certification of hydrogen derivatives. The meeting facilitated targeted exchange and discussion among its members.

Members elected the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Germany as co-facilitators.

Attendance was by invitation only. For more information contact cfhydrogen@irena.org.