IRENA Policy Talks 2024 – Water for Hydrogen Production

Water for Hydrogen Production

As the world needs to accelerate its transition towards a sustainable energy future, clean hydrogen emerges as a critical component in decarbonizing “hard-to-abate” sectors, including steelmaking and the chemical industry. The drive towards clean hydrogen, however, brings to the forefront an sustainability aspects of its production, including the water footprint.

The groundbreaking report “Water for Hydrogen Production”, co-authored by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and Bluerisk, delves into the crucial intersection of water use and hydrogen production. This analysis is especially pertinent for regions grappling with water stress, underscoring the importance of integrating water sustainability into energy planning.

The report offers an in-depth examination of water withdrawal and consumption intensities across the main hydrogen production pathways. Among these, green hydrogen – produced through the electrolysis – is highlighted as the most water-efficient pathway. This finding is based on extensive interviews with industry experts and thorough literature reviews.

The third IRENA Policy Talk 2024 will present the key findings of the report.

This webinar will address the multifaceted challenges of scaling up clean hydrogen production in a water-efficient manner. It will explore comprehensive policy measures, technological innovations, and best practices to minimize the water footprint of hydrogen production. Moreover, the webinar will delve into regional considerations and the diverse local and regional impact of hydrogen production in current and future water stressed areas.

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