Mastering Project Submission and Readiness for ETAF Funding and Support: Focus on Latin America

The Energy Transition Accelerator Financing (ETAF) Platform is a collaborative climate finance solution designed to advance the Global Energy Transition. Since its Projects Call Launch at COP27 in Egypt, the platform has garnered over USD 1 billion in finance pledges and co-financing for renewable energy projects in IRENA member countries, attracting more than 2GW of project submissions. The share of submitted projects located in Latin America is relatively small, despite the region’s huge potential for renewable energies and the strong interest from ETAF partners to finance projects in the region. The purpose of this webinar was to encourage and facilitate more project submissions from Latin America.

ETAF hosted an informative webinar in Spanish to share insights on the platform’s critical assessment requirements, enhancing the chances for project developers and stakeholders from Latin America to obtain funding. The webinar offered a quick step-by-step guide on platform navigation and project submission, highlighting common pitfalls to avoid during the process. Spanish-speaking renewable energy project developers, proponents, and government representatives who have initiated or completed project submissions, as well as those planning to start in 2023-2024, were encouraged to attend. The webinar also provided the opportunity for attendees to ask clarifying questions. The webinar covered a range of topics, including an introduction to ETAF, its developments and achievements, and strategies for maximizing financing opportunities. Additionally, the session delved into the procedures for submitting projects, as well as the screening, evaluation, and review processes, ensuring a comprehensive understanding for all participants.