Launch and workshop: IRENA SolarCity Simulator – Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Photo Credit: UNDP Uzbekistan

In order to assess the potential for installing rooftop solar PV systems in Tashkent, IRENA, with support from UNDP Uzbekistan, has developed the SolarCity simulator for a selected area in the city.

The SolarCity simulator is an online platform that allows its users (homeowner, investor, and authorities) to assess the technical and financial viability of installing solar PV on building by testing different system designs, policy instruments, and incentive schemes that could lead to potential economic savings and social-environmental benefits.

The simulator is a cost-effective approach that relies on site-specific solar resource data, 3D building footprints obtained from satellite images, a robust power generation model to calculate hourly and annual electricity production, and a simplified financial model to establish a range of economic indicators, such as payback (to equity), EIRR and total income for the development of specific rooftop solar PV project.

The session covered presentation on methodology for developing the simulator with a live demonstration. The event was attended in person and online by experts from different government departments including Energy, Environment and Climate change. An interactive Q&A session was also conducted at the end.