IRENA at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2023

From 27 to 30 March, energy sector stakeholders came together at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD) to advance the energy transition and offer a discussion platform.

BETD provides a leading international forum for high-level representatives from governments, industry, science and civil society to share their experiences and ideas on a safe, affordable and environmentally responsible global energy transition.

This year, IRENA offered a preview of its upcoming 2023 World Energy Transitions Outlook which outlines an energy transition pathway in line with 1.5°C Paris Agreement goals.

IRENA Director-General, Francesco La Camera set the scene at a high-level panel “Global Energy Transition - Translating Ambition Into Action”. This session discussed several key levers to globally accelerate and sustain the energy transition: Decarbonizing industry, electrifying sectors, allocating space for renewable-energy production, harnessing supply chains, designing a sustainable industrial strategy, providing adequate financing, and extending transnational infrastructure from electricity grids, green-hydrogen pipelines and shipping routes.

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