Launch of the Indonesia Energy Transition Outlook

The Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) launched a joint report, Indonesia Energy Transition Outlook, followed by thematic sessions going into more detail on the report’s findings. This work builds upon Renewable Energy Outlook for ASEAN: Towards a Regional Energy Transition which was released on 15 September during the occasion of the ASEAN Ministers of Energy Meeting. This work has been made possible by generous support from the Government of Denmark.

This Outlook details a comprehensive pathway for the development of a sustainable and cleaner energy system in Indonesia. It presents multiple possible future pathways, including one aligned with IRENA’s global pathway from its World Energy Transitions Outlook for achieving 1.5°C by mid-century.

The event aimed to present in-depth findings from the report highlighting technical and policy-maker focused findings. The event also broadened engagement with respective stakeholders including governmental agencies, local institutions and experts, and international actors to facilitate discussions around opportunities in line with the reports vision for the future of energy in Indonesia. It also served as a platform to initiate the process for the follow-up initiatives building on the key findings and recommendations in the report and to tie in the discussions around wider ASEAN engagement and efforts.

The event participation was by invitation only.

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