TICAD8 Side Event: Energy Transition for Africa

The Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) is the key driver and forum for advancing Japan–Africa cooperation and partnership to support of the continent’s sustainable development. IRENA in collaboration with the Japanese government, on the occasion of the 8th TICAD (TICAD8) to be held in August 2022, organised a webinar to present the opportunities and challenges facing Africa in the transition of its energy systems, and to highlight key considerations in mobilising the public and private sectors to accelerate investments to support the energy transition.

The workshop highlighted Africa’s potential for renewable energy development and the need to mobilise public and private actions to support a just and inclusive energy transition in Africa. The workshop aimed to promote the implementation of renewable energy and energy transition projects among a target audience comprising the governments and private sectors of African nations, as well as the Japanese public and private sector.

Building on IRENA’s strong body of analytical work on Africa’s growing clean energy industries, and Japan’s business expertise, the workshop presented key messages from the recent IRENA report, Renewable energy market analysis: Africa and its regions, and the findings of IRENA’s broader analysis on renewable energy in Africa, as well as existing technologies, business activities and policy tools to address opportunities and challenges in accelerating Africa’s energy transition.