2nd Webinar Series on National Experience in Long-Term Energy Scenario Use and Development

IRENA’s “Long-term Energy Scenarios Network” (LTES Network) provides a platform for national and regional energy scenario practitioners to share experience and good practices in using and developing scenarios. As of mid-2021, the network gathers 25 country members and 10 technical partners and has hosted over 30 events.

In its first year, the LTES Network organised a 1st webinar series that featured its members and technical partners. Following the series’ success, the 2nd round of webinars will feature new members and partners who have joined since 2020.

The series of webinars will focus on three main themes, which have critical underlying questions to be explored in each session:

  • Strengthening scenario development – How can scenarios be developed to better account for potentially transformational changes?
  • Improving scenario use – How can scenarios be better used for strategic decision-making by governments and investors?
  • Identifying capacity building approaches – What approaches can enhance institutional capacity for scenario planning?

Please find the concept note here. For more information, contact LTES@irena.org.


Session 1: Cyprus and Portugal
02 November 2021
  • George Partasides, Cyprus: Ministry of Energy Commerce and Industry
  • Ricardo Aguiar, Portugal: Directorate-General for Energy and Geology

  Presentation slides can be accessed here: Cyprus | Portugal


Session 2: Latvia and ERI RAS
09 November 2021
  • Janis Rekis, Latvia: Institute of Physical Energetics
  • Fedor Veselov, ERI RAS

  Presentation slides can be accessed here: Latvia | ERI RAS


Session 3: GET.Transform and World Resources Institute
16 November 2021
  • Laura Gutierrez, GET.Transform
  • Katie Ross, World Resources Institute

  Presentation slides can be accessed here: GET.Transform | World Resources Institute


Session 4: Italy and Austria
23 November 2021
  • Maria Gaeta, Ricerca Sistema Energetico, Italy
  • Thomas Krutzler, Environment Agency Austria

  Presentation slides can be accessed here: Italy | Austria


Session 5: Saudi Arabia
08 December 2021
  • Abdulaziz Albarakah: Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Energy