Indonesia Energy Transition Outlook Expert Consultation Workshop

Indonesia Energy Transition Outlook (IETO) is a combined Renewable Readiness Assessment (RRA) and Renewable Energy Roadmap (REmap) to assess the country’s readiness for a significant uptake of renewable energy and explore the larger energy system potential of renewable energy and related energy transition technologies in the near and long-term. In addition, a flexibility assessment using IRENA’s FlexTool that performs power system dispatch considers flexible generation options, demand flexibility, energy storage along with sector coupling technologies and identifies investments in flexibility when needed under different scenarios will be conducted. Additionally, for a holistic socioeconomic analysis, IRENA incorporates energy scenarios/mixes into a fully-fledged global macro-econometric model that takes into account the linkages between the energy system, environment and the world’s economies within a single and consistent quantitative framework.

As part of the process, an Expert Consultation Workshop brought together energy stakeholders to discuss challenges and opportunities for the development of renewables in Indonesia. Also, to review and discuss the preliminary results for long-term energy transition progression as identified by the REmap tool and assumptions to be employed on the power flexibility process with FlexTool. The workshop also discussed the methodology to assess the socioeconomic impacts and preliminary findings for the country. In this context, the process looked for opportunities to further unlock full renewable resource potential to transition to long term, a low-emissions pathway that ensures the transition is just and inclusive.

The outcomes of the discussions provided substantive inputs for the preparations of the Outlook report. Additionally, the experts were able to provide views and feedback on the REmap and FlexTool analyses.

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Closed event (by invitation only).