Grenada Capacity Building Programme for Energy Management and Energy Audits

Grenada, like many Small Island Developing States (SIDS), is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. The country is still heavily dependent on expensive fossil fuel imports to meet its energy needs, including for electricity generation. In particular, the high cost of oil imports into the country has resulted in relatively high prices of electricity, goods and services. Consequently, decreasing the amount of electricity and fossil fuel used can provide significant financial benefits to consumers while playing a central role in tackling the climate crisis by reducing of greenhouse gas emissions.

Overall, improving energy efficiency and conservation through proper energy management practices can positively impact the Grenadian economy by saving money and reducing energy waste. It can also bolster energy security in the country and deliver financial benefits to public budgets through increased income and lowered expenses. In this regard, through the SIDS Lighthouses Initiative, IRENA and the Energy Division, Ministry of Finance, Planning, Economic Development and Physical Development, Grenada, have developed a Capacity Building Programme for Energy Management and Energy Audits.

This two-day webinar, targeting homeowners and youth, aimed to increase the capacity of Grenadian citizens to conduct a home energy assessment to better manage their energy consumption at home.

In this webinar, participants learnt about:

  • the principles of energy use, including the importance of energy efficiency and conservation and its contribution to addressing climate change and sustainable development;
  • the factors that impact electricity rates in Grenada and components of the electricity bill;
  • how to conduct a home energy assessment to manage and reduce electricity consumption at home through a range of energy saving measures and best practices.

Watch the recording:


For more information, please visit the SIDS Lighthouses Initiative (LHI) website.