IRENA Regional Model Analysis & Planning Support Programme: Central Africa Training 1

In partnership with the Central Africa Power Pool (CAPP), IRENA is delivering a six-month regional training on energy model analysis and planning to CAPP countries in 2021.

In this training session, participants were introduced to IRENA’s System Planning Test (SPLAT) model framework for Central Africa, which allows national energy planners to assess the future energy mix from economic, technical and environmental perspectives. The tool was developed by IRENA, building on the IAEA’s MESSAGE software. Prior to this training, the IAEA Planning and Economic Studies Section provided technical expertise in the use of MESSAGE through an e-learning course for all participants.

The programme aims to build and enhance capacity for long-term energy planning in seven CAPP countries able to participate: Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, and Rwanda. The participants include about 50 experts from the energy-planning offices at ministries, electric utilities and specialised agencies in those countries.

Through the training, country teams will develop long-term scenarios to explore the possible development of renewable energy and their national power sector infrastructure.

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