IRENA - Global REmap report findings

In this webinar, IRENA’s Director of the Innovation and Technology Center, Dolf Gielen, presented the second edition of the global REmap report released in March 2016. IRENA's REmap work contains interesting findings to the private sector on the potential for renewable energy technologies across sectors and countries.

The webinar focused on those issues especially of interest to the private sector, such as:

  • In what sectors, regions, and technologies are the opportunities for additional renewable energy deployment?
  • What are the required investments by 2020 and 2030, and how can these be mobilized?
  • What other actions are needed to achieve the accelerating of renewable energy deployment?


On REmap:

  • REmap is IRENA’s roadmap for a renewable energy future, in line with the 7th UN Sustainable Development Goal which includes the accelerated deployment of renewable energy.
  • REmap assesses the potential for additional renewable energy - bottom-up and in close collaboration with national government experts.
  • It covers not only the power sector, but also heating, cooling, and transport.
  • It contains detailed findings for 40 countries representing 80% of global energy use.