Webinar: IRENA Project Navigator

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) conducted a webinar, or online discussion, on 16 July on the IRENA Project Navigator, a tool to help project developers, administrators and communities achieve faster, more effective uptake of renewable energy. The webinar aimed to collect feedback from experts and highlight challenges for renewable energy project development. A small group of participants evaluated a first draft of the written guidelines for the tool via a questionnaire, with the initial results discussed during the session. Representatives of Fichtner Engineering, Yansa Group, the German Aerospace Centre/Institute of Solar Research and EnerMENA made presentations on project development challenges with renewable energy.

The information and presentations given during the webinar can be downloaded here:



Introduction to the Project Navigator
Roland Roesch, IRENA

Project Development - Major planning steps for a successful wind farm development
Timo Basteck, Fichtner Engineering

enerMENA Project – Sustainable Implementation of CSP Technologies in the MENA Region
Dr. Louy Qoaider, German Aerospace Centre

Project Development and Community Involvement - The Case of Mexico
Sergio Oceransky, Yansa Group

For further information on the webinar or on the IRENA Project Navigator, contact Roland Roesch (RRoesch@irena.org) or Maria Ayuso (MAyuso@irena.org).