Technical Assessment Services


Under the Global Atlas for Renewable Energy initiative, IRENA has developed direct technical assessment methodologies to assist countries in their renewable energy transition.

Suitability Assessment – a GIS-based multicriteria analysis that supports countries in planning their energy generation and transmission expansion or setting NDCs targets. It uses high quality resource and ancillary datasets to estimate the degree of suitability of every parcel of land to host utility-scale solar PV or wind project.

Zoning Assessment – a modeling approach that support countries in developing and implementing their national energy masterplan. It uses advanced approaches to estimate the energy output profiles and capacity sizing for specific zones identified by either the country or through the suitability assessment.

Site Assessment – a pre-feasibility analysis that supports countries in de-risking investments at the early stages of solar (Photovoltaic and Concentrated Solar Power) and wind projects development. It uses industry standard energy yield and financial assessment methodologies to inform governments on the economic viability of a site for potential investment on ground measurements and subsequent development.