IRENA Legislators Forum

The IRENA Legislators Forum, based on a developing network of parliamentarians with an interest in accelerating the deployment of renewable energy to achieve a sustainable development, presents a unique opportunity for legislators from all over the world to engage with experts and share best practice with each other on renewable energy matters. Legislators are also invited, during the IRENA Legislators Forum, to engage with other important stakeholders to initiate a public-private dialogue on opportunities in growing renewable energy markets worldwide and the challenges faced by the private sector. In addition to the various sessions on the agenda, other meetings with IRENA experts and other legislators are organised to allow for more specific discussions on regional trends, possibilities and barriers. 

The Legislators Forum is directly followed by the IRENA annual Assembly, a gathering of the over 150 Member States of the Agency, in addition to stakeholders and representatives of international and regional organisations, private sector entities, industrial associations, etc. Attendance to the Assembly and the subsequent World Future Energy Summit may be arranged for participants to the Legislators Forum, to benefit from the discussions of energy thought leaders on the global developments in renewable energy, the challenges and opportunities on the road ahead, and to identify joint actions to achieve common goals.

If you are interested in participating to the Legislators Forum or joining our network, please send an email to