IRENA’s Knowledge, Policy and Finance Centre (KPFC) has established a global repository of renewable energy knowledge and serves as a centre of excellence for renewable energy policy and finance issues. Through this function, IRENA will provide a knowledge gateway for statistics on costs, employment, resource potential and status of deployment, along with research and information on policies, investment frameworks and socio-economic and environmental impact for renewable energy technologies. The division analyses economic value creation, including income, jobs, fiscal transfers, balance of trade and local/regional context, and supports policy makers with tools to maximise the renewable energy value chain. Another key project is the Global Renewable Energy Atlas, the largest-ever initiative to assess renewable energy potential worldwide. The Internet-based platform provides high-quality resource maps from leading technical institutes and simplified models for evaluating technical potential. The Global Atlas aims to become the first reference point for renewable resource data and a catalyst for planning, policy development and investment in emerging and new renewable energy markets.

Current KPFC programmes and activities include: