ECOWAS Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship Support Facility - Technical Training Workshop
7-10 September 2015
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

IRENA, together with the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency and the International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering (2iE), are organising a four-day technical training workshop for ECOWAS-based renewable energy entrepreneurs, which will address requests for technical assistance in scaling up renewable energy enterprises. The workshop will be facilitated by key experts in the field of renewable energy entrepreneurship and will facilitate experience sharing between entrepreneurs from within and outside the ECOWAS region. The workshop will explore viable business models, marketing and sales strategies, after-sales servicing, building banking relationships with the present financial institutions and customizing renewable energy solutions to end-user needs, amongst other topics.

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Joint Parallel Event at EU PVSEC 2015 for Solar PV
16 September 2015
Hamburg, Germany

This joint parallel event at EU PVSEC 2015 is themed "The Future Is Here Today: But Where Will Future Cost Reductions Come From?" Experts from industry and research institutions will join IRENA in discussing recent cost reduction trends and identify where future cost reductions for solar PV will come from, with an emphasis on reducing balance of system costs, operations and maintenance costs and financing costs. The event will also see the first official presentation of the results of IRENA’s project “Solar PV Cost Reduction Opportunities in Africa."

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Perspectives on Management of End-of-Life Photovoltaic Modules at the EUPVSEC 2015
18 September 2015
Hamburg, Germany

IRENA in collaboration with IEA-PVPS is currently investigating the impacts of end-of-life practices and management of solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies. This study provides information on quantities of PV waste that can be expected (based on REMap 2030 data), the typical material usage in the modules and the issues that might arise. Early possible end-of-life treatment solutions can allow a sufficient lead time to develop policies and strategies for future waste treatment of photovoltaic modules in different regions.

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Technical Strategic Group Meeting on the West Africa Clean Energy Corridor
18 September 2015
Abidjan, Cote D' Ivoire

The Africa Clean Energy Corridor (CEC) initiative launched during IRENA’s third Assembly in January 2013 to accelerate the adoption of renewable power options in Eastern and Southern Africa and has gained growing interest from other African sub-regions. In this regard, IRENA plans to expand the initiative to West Africa where important effort is being deployed for regional power market integration. As a first step, IRENA will facilitate a technical stakeholders meeting in the region for key national and regional entities to craft an Action Agenda that will help bring renewable energy potential to market. The discussion will focus on how to promote more thorough assessment of renewable energy resources, more persuasive analysis of the business case for renewable power and a clearer understanding of the transmission enhancements that are needed for renewable power trade.

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RRA Workshop in Zimbabwe
21-22 September 2015
Harare, Zimbabwe

The Government of Zimbabwe and IRENA are co-organising a two-day workshop in Harare for peer review of the results of the Zimbabwe RRA Team's work. The event will gather 50-70 attendees from key institutions in Zimbabwe as well as regional bodies such as the SADC Secretariat, RERA, SAPP and partners involved in the energy sector in Zimbabwe.In addition, several bilateral meetings will be scheduled with senior officials from key energy-related entities and the Harare-based donors’ community to gain an overview of Zimbabwe’s energy landscape and to inform the final RRA report.

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Southeast Asia Regional Training Programme on Renewable Energy Resource Assessment and Mapping
28 September 2015
Davao, Philippines

The three-day regional training programme opens with a high-level discussion on resource assessment, including the current state of technology and practical experiences by both government and private entities. It will be followed by a two-day technical training of policy makers on resource assessment and planning using IRENA’s Global Atlas for Renewable Energy. Specific attention would be given to the connection between zones/estimate and policy/support scheme design. The event is organized jointly with UNESCAP and the Philippines Department of Science and Technology.

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Capacity Building Workshop on Renewable Energy Zoning
30 September-2 October 2015
Nairobi, Kenya

Under the first action pillar of the Africa Clean Energy Corridor, renewable energy zones for solar photovoltaics, concentrated solar power and wind were identified for the countries within the Eastern and Southern Africa power pool region. IRENA is organising a technical workshop to analyse the renewable energy zoning study in more detail - particularly outlining the zoning methodology, assumptions and criteria used - and to train participants to process the raw data in ArcGIS software and adjust input parameters. This will enable countries to independently carry out future zoning studies and update the renewable energy zones accordingly.

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First Africa Renewable Energy Training Week
12-16 October 2015
Arusha, Tanzania

Sound power system governance frameworks are the foundation for the development of a sustainable, reliable and affordable power system. The IRENA Regulatory Empowerment Project provides needs-based and targeted advisory services, including capacity building and stakeholder workshops. In this context, IRENA is implementing the first Africa Renewable Energy Training Week (7-11 September) in Southern and Eastern Africa in order to:

  • Allow power system decision makers to discuss the set of most relevant decisions to be made in the short- to medium-term to manage a reliable and affordable power system transition towards greater shares of renewable resources; and
  • Contribute to the implementation of enabling environments, which trigger an increasing level of efficient private investment into renewable resources.
  • The 1st Africa Renewable Energy Training Week will bring 35 senior decision makers from Southern and Eastern Africa together.

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    REmap Germany Report Launch
    10 November 2015
    Berlin, Germany

    The REmap Germany report gives an overview of the German energy transition (Energiewende) in detail, outlines the REmap findings for Germany and discusses the transition from a European and international perspective. The launch event will be hosted by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and take place in Berlin, Germany.

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    The Programme and Strategy Committee (PSC)
    22 November 2015
    Abu Dhabi, UAE

    The Programme and Strategy Committee (PSC) is established as a subsidiary body of the Council. Meetings of the PSC normally take place prior to Council meetings in order to assist the Council in its activities. The PSC reviews, prepares and informs the Council on strategic and programmatic issues, such as the implementation of the work programme, the formulation of the draft work programme, longer-term strategies, and other related documents. Together with the Administration and Finance Committee (AFC), it is one of two subsidiary bodies of the Council.

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    The Administration and Finance Committee (AFC)
    22 November 2015
    Abu Dhabi, UAE

    The Administration and Finance Committee (AFC) is established as a subsidiary body of the Council. Meetings of the AFC normally take place prior to Council meetings in order to assist the Council in its activities. The AFC reviews, prepares and informs the Council on institutional and administrative issues of legal, financial, and budgetary nature. Together with the Programme and Strategy Committee (PSC), it is one of two subsidiary bodies of the Council.

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    IRENA 10th meeting of the Council
    23-24 November 2015
    Abu Dhabi, UAE

    The Council is one of the three principal organs of the Agency that are the Assembly, the Council and the Secretariat. IRENA’s Council convenes twice per year in order to facilitate consultations and cooperation among IRENA’s Members, as well as to consider the draft work programme, draft budget and reports on the progress of the implementation of the Work Programme and Budget. The Council is accountable to the Assembly and is composed of 21 Members who are elected by the Assembly on a rotating basis every two years. Council meetings normally last for two days and feature strategic discussions on the way forward of the Agency and future activities. On the sidelines of Council meetings, a number of thematic events are organized, providing a platform for participants to have focused discussions on particular projects of IRENA’s work.

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