The Parties to the IRENA Statute,

  • desiring to promote the widespread and increased adoption of renewable energy with a view to sustainable development,
  • inspired from firm belief in the vast opportunities offered by renewable energy for addressing and gradually alleviating problems of energy security and volatile energy prices,
  • convinced of the major role that renewable energy can play in reducing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, thereby contributing to the stabilisation of the climate system, and allowing for a sustainable, secure and gentle transit to a low-carbon economy,
  • desiring to foster the positive impact that renewable energy technologies can have on stimulating sustainable economic growth and creating employment,
  • motivated by the huge potential of renewable energy in providing decentralised access to energy, particularly in developing countries, and access to energy for isolated and remote regions and islands,
  • concerned about the serious negative implications that the use of fossil fuels and the inefficient use of traditional biomass can have on health,
  • convinced that renewable energy, combined with enhanced energy efficiency, can increasingly cover the anticipated steep increase in global energy needs in the coming decades, and
  • affirming their desire to establish an international organisation for renewable energy that facilitates the cooperation between its Members, while also establishing a close collaboration with existing organisations that promote the use of renewable energy,

Have agreed to establish the International Renewable Energy Agency.

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