The Age of Renewable Power: Designing national roadmaps for a successful transformation
The Age of Renewable Power: Designing national roadmaps for a successful transformation

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A transformation of power grids towards reliance on mainly renewable energy sources has begun. But the course of this transition is sure to vary depending on local conditions. The Age of Renewable Power, a report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), provides a framework for developing a national roadmap to guide each country’s power sector transformation.

The framework, drawing on the latest analyses and experiences from around the world, allows policy makers to compare the different options and select appropriate measures for the integration of variable renewable energy. The report also provides a basis for increasing international cooperation and the diffusion of best practices.

The report is a key part of IRENA’s Power Sector Transformation package. Supporting materials include:

  1. Smart grids and renewables: A guide for effective deployment
  2. Smart grids and renewables: A cost-benefit analysis for developing countries
  3. From baseload to peak: Renewables provide a reliable solution
  4. Off-grid renewable energy systems: Status and methodological issues
  5. Renewable energy in hybrid mini-grids and isolated grids: Economic benefits and business case (Frankfurt School-UNEP study)
  6. Electricity storage and renewables for island power: A guide for decision makers
  7. Battery storage for renewables: market status and technology outlook
  8. Renewables and electricity storage: A technology roadmap for REmap 2030
  9. IRENA/IEA-ETSAP Technology brief: Thermal energy storage
  10. IRENA/IEA-ETSAP Technology brief: Electricity storage
  11. IRENA/IEA-ETSAP Technology brief: Renewable energy integration into power grids


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