Policy Advice in IRENA follows a twofold approach: policy assessment and technical advice. In terms of Policy Assessment, one of the most important objectives is to monitor the latest developments in terms of policy in the RE field, and provide information on the best policy design practices in the field. IRENA is also looking into the socio-economic impacts of RE, with a special focus on the job creation potential of RE deployment. This is in fact a continuation of the work conducted in 2011 on the employment creation potential of RE in the context of access-to-energy in our effort to form a complete picture of this little understood subject.

In terms of Technical advice, IRENA is carrying out a very exciting pilot project: the provision of technical assistance for wind deployment. We are establishing an expert group, consisting of policymakers, academia, and the private sector, to provide technical assistance and policy advice to Member countries for the development of the wind sector. A workshop is being organized to define the scope of work and initiate the activities of the Group. This project will allow for synergies with the other Directorates, building on work being done on the design of successful approaches for national action plans for wind energy deployment.

There are three key points to be mentioned under Policy Advice: