Strategic Long-term Energy Planning in the Kingdom of Swaziland: Second Training Course
27 June - 08 July 2016

IRENA is holding a training series with support from the Government of Swaziland to update and expand the country’s System Planning Test (SPLAT-SW) model. The sessions give professionals from local energy organisations an opportunity to work alongside external experts in renewable energy planning. During the second two-week training course, participants will learn how to update the SPLAT-SW model and extend it to other sectors of the energy system. The local team will also develop scenarios and carry out scenario analyses.

Ministerial Breakfast Progress Report Meeting
30June 2016

The G20 Toolkit of Voluntary Options for Renewable Energy Development was endorsed in an 11-point Communiqué by G20 members in 2015. There has since been important progress made, in particular, on the components of “REmap”, “analysis of renewable energy cost reduction potential”, and “risk mitigation”. As a result, the need for further engagement at the country level on a voluntary basis was identified. The meeting provides an opportunity for IRENA to report to the G20 Energy Ministers and senior officials on the implementation progress and seek strategic guidance as well as advice on ways of further engagement at the national level.

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