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RRA Egypt: Stakeholder Consultation Workshop
26 – 27 September 2016 (Cairo, Egypt)

IRENA Introductory Meeting
27 September 2016 (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

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  • IRENA Claims Solar In Africa Is Set To Boom Thanks To Declining Costs

    IRENA has published a new report claiming that the falling technology costs of solar PV are likely to result in an installation boom across Africa. “In recent years, solar PV costs have dropped dramatically and will continue to do so with further declines of up to 59 per cent possible in the next ten years,” said IRENA Director-General Adnan Z. Amin. “These cost reductions, coupled with vast solar potential on the continent, present a huge opportunity for Africa."
    (Clean Technica (USA), 22 Sep 2016)
  • A Solar Project Worth Watching in Morocco

    “How the future plays out between CSP with storage and cost reductions for electric batteries is one of the more interesting unknowns related to which technologies will provide the best balance of flexibility and costs in future sustainable electricity systems,” says Michael Taylor, a senior analyst at IRENA. Regardless of the solar technology used, energy experts see the Middle East/North Africa region as an important frontier for utility-scale solar projects like Noor. (Wall Street Journal (USA), 13 Sep 2016)
  • How can we get to a clean power future?

    IRENA's Michael Taylor and CNN's Isa Soares discuss the importance of flexible grids and new storage solutions for a reliable clean energy supply.
    (CNN (USA), 29 Aug 2016)


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