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Strategic Long-term Energy Planning in the Kingdom of Swaziland: Second Training Course
27 June - 08 July 2016, Mbabane,

Ministerial Breakfast Progress Report Meeting
30June 2016, Beijing

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  • Solar Power to Grow Sixfold as Sun Becoming Cheapest Resource

    The amount of electricity generated using solar panels stands to expand as much as sixfold by 2030 as the cost of production falls below competing natural gas and coal-fired plants, according to IRENA. Solar plants using photovoltaic technology could account for 8 percent to 13 percent of global electricity produced in 2030, compare with 1.2 percent at the end of last year.
    (Bloomberg (USA) , 22 Jun 2016)
  • Solar panel recycling market could be worth $15bn by 2050

    According a new report released by IRENA and the International Energy Agency's Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme, recycling or repurposing solar PV panels at the end of their working life - around 30 years can unlock a large stock of raw materials and other valuable components. Although solar PV recycling is still a relatively young industry, renewables targets and subsidies have seen capacity increase significantly in the UK and other EU countries, while the US, India and China are also now beginning to experience growth.
    (Business Green (UK) , 20 Jun 2016)


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