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First Africa Renewable Energy Training Week
12-16 October 2015, Arusha, Tanzania

REmap Poland Launch
27 October 2015, Warsaw, Poland

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  • Renewables Could Supply Nearly a Quarter of Africa's Energy by 2030: Report

    IRENA report says the continent has the potential to quadruple the proportion of its energy supplied by renewables. Almost a quarter of Africa’s energy needs could feasibly be supplied by renewables within the next 15 years.
    (The Guardian, 6 October 2015)
  • Africa Could Quadruple Green Energy Production by 2030: Report

    Renewable energy sources could supply nearly a quarter of Africa's power needs by 2030, more than four times the current levels, according to a report published Monday by IRENA. In 2013 renewables accounted for five percent of the continent's needs but this figure could reach 22 percent over the next 15 years, IRENA said in its "Africa 2030" report, which sets out a "roadmap" for the transition to clean power.
    (AFP, 5 October 2015)


Press Releases

  • 5 October 2015

    Africa Can Quadruple Share of Renewable Energy by 2030

    The African continent could generate nearly a quarter of its energy needs through the use of indigenous, clean, renewable energy by 2030, according to a new report by IRENA.


  • 2 Oct 2015

    G20 Embraces Renewables at Energy Ministers Meeting

    Energy ministers from the G20 countries and heads of international organizations affirmed their commitment to renewable energy at the first-ever G20 Energy Ministers Meeting in Istanbul today. The high-level participants endorsed a 11-point Communiqué, including the adoption of a renewable energy toolkit, which provides options for G20 countries to take a long-term, integrated and sustainable approach towards enhanced deployment of renewable energy.


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