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RRA Validation Workshop-Panama
19 – 20 June 2017
Panama City, Panama

CECCA-Regulatory and technical components meetings
20 – 21 June 2017
Panama City, Panama

EU Sustainability Week
19 – 25 June 2017
Brussels, Belgium

EXPO 2017 – Future Energy
10 June – 10 September 2017
Astana, Kazakhstan

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  • How China is changing the commodity trade

    As the world's largest coal user, China has been facing a host of air pollution problems after its turbocharged growth over the last three decades. Today, the world's second largest economy is pledging support for combating climate change. "China is inspiration in terms of how it has grown. If u see new techs that are going to roll out the state grid is actually pioneering new ways of variable renewables in an absolutely reliable system at a huge scale," Adnan Amin, the Director-General of IRENA said. ( CNBC (USA) , 22 June 2017)
  • Big business sees the promise of clean energy

    Last year it was American IT firms such as Amazon and Google that led the way. They use clean energy to power their vast banks of servers. More recently, enthusiasm is extending beyond tech firms to energy-intensive industries, including manufacturers. At a conference in Beijing on June 7th, IRENA, a global body, launched a survey of firms to find out how better to promote corporate PPAs in such places. (The Economist (UK), 7 June 2017)
  • The G20 must govern the shift to low-carbon energy (Comment)

    The world's energy system needs rebuilding. The Paris agreement to keep global warming “well below 2 °C above pre-industrial levels” demands that we replace fossil fuels with solar, wind, geothermal and biomass energy. A 2016 study by IRENA found that doubling the share of renewables in the energy mix by 2030 would boost global economic growth by more than 1%, and create jobs and taxable income. (Nature (UK), 7 June 2017)


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