Global Science, Technology and Innovation Conference (G-STIC) 2017

23 – 25 October 2017 |Brussels, Belgium

IRENA, together with the European independent research and technology organisation VITO, organised a session entitled, The Increasing Role of Consumers in the Transformation of the Power Sector: innovations leading the way, during G-STIC to demonstrate the latest innovations that support the power sector transformation, specifically emphasising the role of consumers. Innovations that were discussed included new business models for communities, virtual power plant business models, platform-based business models, the internet of things, and renewable energy and energy efficiency in buildings. Through the discussions, IRENA received first-hand information on leading innovations within the European Union, and discussed their replicability and relevance at a global scale. The findings and outcome of the event will be integrated into IRENA’s work on the up-coming report Landscape Innovation for Power Sector Transformation, in which each of the innovations discussed will represent a case study.