Strategic Long-term Energy Planning in the Kingdom of Swaziland: Training Courses

11 – 15 April 2016 |Mbabane, Swaziland

Mbabane, Swaziland
11 April – 15 April 2016 First Training Course
27 June – 08 July 2016 Second Training Course
17 – 28 October 2016 Third Training Course
21 – 25 November Fourth Training Course

IRENA, supported by the Government of Swaziland, held a series of training courses to update and expand the country’s System Planning Test (SPLAT-SW) model. The sessions enabled professionals from local energy organisations to work alongside external experts in the renewable energy planning.

First Training Course on the MESSAGE software and the SPLAT-SW model gathered professionals from local energy organisations. IRENA staff and external experts conducted the course and presented the operational aspects of MESSAGE and SPLAT-SW.  Participants gained insights into the operations of the software and the model for enhanced energy planning in their country.

During the second two-week training course, participants learnt how to update the SPLAT-SW model and extend it to other sectors of the energy system. The local team helped to develop scenarios and carry out scenario analyses.

The third two-week training course focused on improving the energy system model in Swaziland, based on scenario analysis and on developing the long-term energy supply strategies to produce a final draft energy master plan.

The fourth, week-long training course aimed to prepare the local team to conduct a one-day public workshop in Mbabane, Swaziland, to communicate the team’s work and newly gained expertise to local stakeholders. With guidance from IRENA staff, team members prepared and improved their presentation materials. Feedback received during the public workshop is ultimately to be incorporated into the country’s energy master plan.