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2 Jul 2015
Renewable Energy Can Unlock Socio-Economic Benefits for Islands, IRENA Reports Find
Developing the vast renewable energy resources of Fiji, the Marshall Islands and Vanuatu would provide substantial socio-economic benefits for their citizens, according to three reports released today by IRENA.
29 Jun 2015
Quality Assurance Can Tap Solar Thermal Energy Potential in Latin America and the Caribbean
Experts and leaders from across Latin America and the Caribbean gathered in San Jose, Costa Rica today to increase the development of solar thermal energy in the region.
22 Jun 2015
New IRENA Best-Practice Guide Steers Design, Adoption of Renewable Energy Auctions Worldwide
Renewable energy auctions are increasingly becoming a policy tool of choice to support renewable energy deployment, according to a new publication released by IRENA.
16 Jun 2015
New IRENA App Delivers Global Renewable Energy Data Straight to Your Pocket
Smartphone users can now access the most reliable data on global renewable energy potential, for free, thanks to an application launched today by IRENA.
10 Jun 2015
Renewable Energy Targets Quadrupled Globally Since 2005, New IRENA Report Finds
Renewable energy targets are now a defining feature of the global energy landscape, according to a new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).
9 Jun 2015
IRENA Roadmap Breaks New Ground on Renewable Energy Storage
A new ground-breaking report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) provides clear direction on how to advance storage systems as part of the infrastructure for a sustainable energy future.
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