First session of the Assembly

The first session of the Assembly was the inaugural meeting of IRENA’s supreme governing body. It marked the official launch of IRENA as an international organization and attracted significant attention. This was evidenced by the high number of over 1000 participants during the two days it was held. Participation included one head of state, over 50 ministers, 30 ministerial-level officials, 670 country delegates, 130 observers and officials, and 70 accredited media

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IRENA partnered with IISD Reporting services for the First Assembly reporting. Please click here for the web coverage, photos, and summaries of the First Assembly.

Please find below the documents approved at the First Assembly

Document TitleDocument NoDownload
Agenda of the first session of the AssemblyA/1/1
Decision on the Provisional Rules of Procedure of the Assembly and of the CouncilA/1/DC/1
Decision on the permanent seat of the AgencyA/1/DC/11
Decision on the appointment of the Director-General of IRENAA/1/DC/12
Decision on the acceptance of assets and liabilities of the Preparatory Commission for IRENA by IRENA and other transitional arrangementsA/1/DC/2
Decision on the Staff Regulations for IRENAA/1/DC/3
Decision on the establishment of a Staff Provident Fund of IRENAA/1/DC/4
Decision on the secondment of personnel to IRENAA/1/DC/5
Decision on the Interim Financial Regulations for IRENAA/1/DC/6
Decision on an Agreement on Privileges and Immunities for IRENAA/1/DC/7
Decision regarding the Work Programme and Budget for 2011A/1/DC/8
Decision on MultilingualismA/1/DC/9
Decision on the membership of the Council of IRENAA/1/DC/13
Decision on the establishment of committeesA/1/DC/10/Rev.1
Report on the activities of the Preparatory CommissionA/1/3
Decision regarding the Work Programme and Budget for 2011A/1/DC/8
Report of the first session of the Assembly of IRENAA/1/SR

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