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Supporting countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future

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  • Provide authoritative information, analyses and data on renewable energy
  • Advise and support countries in their national and regional efforts
  • Promote the economic, social and environmental benefits of renewables
  • Develop collaborative stakeholder partnerships for energy transformation


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Insights on Renewables

The transition to a renewable energy future is recognised globally as central to addressing climate change. Renewable energy features prominently in most Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs),  the central implementation tool for countries under the Paris Agreement.
IRENA has found that at least 1.3 TW of renewable power installed capacity would be added globally  between 2015 and 2030 as a result of NDC implementation. This represents a 76% increase in the world’s total installed capacity compared to 2014.
The inclusion of renewable energy components in NDCs can help attract additional investment in the renewable energy sector. Over USD 1.7 trillion would be needed by 2030 to implement renewable energy targets contained in NDCs.


Renewable Energy Sources