Renewable Energy Solutions for Climate-Safe Cities

Renewable energy solutions can be the backbone of urban decarbonization efforts, a new report finds.

  • November 2020

Energy Transition Policies to Maximise Socio-economic Benefits

IRENA supports its Members to deploy renewables and reap the full benefits of energy transition through integrated policies.

  • October 2020

Climate Investment Platform: Plugging the Energy Investment Gap in Developing Countries

IRENA and Climate Investment Platform partners are working closely to advance renewables deployment efforts in developing countries.

  • October 2020

Members Reinforce IRENA’s Position at the Heart of Geopolitics of Energy Transformation

Geopolitics of energy transformation meeting gathers IRENA Members, academics and energy analysts to identify and agree areas of specific focus to guide Agency’s future work. 

  • October 2020

Countries Raise the Sails on Offshore Renewables Sector

Offshore renewables will witness substantial growth in capacity over the next decade and play an essential role in the global energy transformation. In this context, representatives from 40 countries gathered to identify collaboration areas and agree...

  • October 2020

Islands Aim to Phase out Fossil Fuels and Build Climate Resilience

While SIDS contribute only to a very small percentage of global emissions, they are taking decisive steps to scale up renewable energy and fulfil their own international climate pledges.

  • October 2020

Innovation Week 2020 Kicks Off with Focus on Renewable Solutions in Transport and Industry

Opened by IRENA’s Director-General Francesco La Camera and global energy leaders, more than 1800 policy makers, innovators, developers and investors from 146 countries will discuss how innovation can advance the use of renewables in transport...

  • October 2020

IRENA’s Collaborative Framework to Prepare Countries for High-Shares of Renewables

IRENA's Collaborative Framework on "Enhancing Dialogue on the Integration of Higher Shares of Renewables in Energy Systems" met for the second time to further promote an exchange of knowledge and experiences.

  • October 2020

The Future of Energy Employment is Driven by Renewables

Renewable energy jobs growth trend continues globally. Strong policy action is key to continue expansion in the  COVID-19 era.

  • September 2020