Towards a Sustainable Energy Future - Lecture Series Summer Semester 2015

09 April – 25 June 2015 |Bonn, Germany

The IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre (IITC), together with the University of Bonn’s Coordination Unit Sustainable Development in International Cooperation, presented six lectures on the theme ‘Towards a Sustainable Energy Future’. The 2015 summer lecture series, which was free and open to the public, attracted more than 100 participants for each lecture. The highly diverse audience included professors, faculty, graduate students, private sector actors and public servants. IRENA IITC staff presented on a range of topics, analyzing and discussing the political, technological, financial, socioeconomic, commercial and regional challenges on the way to the sustainable use of renewable energy.

Attendees were able to meet the lecturers and continued lively discussions on the subject matter in the post-lecture receptions. Due to the overwhelming response to the lectures that often filled to capacity, plans are underway to offer a second round of the lecture series for the summer semester 2016, and to reach an even broader public audience by disseminating recordings of the lectures online.


1. April 9, 2015: REMAP - Global Renewable Energy Outlook (Lecture by Dr. Dolf Gielen and Dr. Deger Saygin)

2. April 23, 2015: Renewable Energy Technologies and Innovation (Lecture by Prof. Dr. Roland Roesch and Mr. Francisco Boshell)

3. May 7, 2015: Renewable Energy: The True Costs (Lecture by Mr. Michael Taylor and Ms. Eun Young So)

4. May 21, 2015: The Transformation of Power Systems with the Integration of Renewable Energies (Lecture by Dr. Ruud Kempener and Mr. Francisco Gafaro)

5. June 11, 2015: Island Lighthouses - Renewable Energies on Islands (Lecture by Mr. Emanuele Taibi)

6. June 25, 2015: Energy Planning and Renewable Energy in Africa (Lecture by Dr. Asami Miketa)

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